Health & Hygienic

COKOYAM always put your health first through listing the proven and its best tasting, highest quality controlled and hygienic items.

Procedure Control

       All unit piece of products should be/are sealed by manufacturer’s factory. COKOYAM has not and will never open and treat any product under production control rule (COKOYAM health and hygienic code manual 2019).

       COKOYAM always conduct a secondary inspection to ensure the sealing condition of each production before packaging it into your box. If in any case the sealing is broken or opened, it will be removed from our warehouse and trashed.

       All procedure of inspection, packing and boxing will be recorded by us and this record will be conserving for two months.

       All COKOYAM employees will diligently follow our health and hygienic control code manual based on Cal States Health Code and OSHA code. If you want to know about the details or have any question for this section, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email Attn. Health Administration or send us written request by mail to 9925 Painter Ave. Suite Q Whittier CA 90605.