Welcome to Los Angeles and COKOYAM K-Convenience Store, ARMY!
Few hundreds of ARMY will visit to see the show to SoFi Stadium during Nov. 27 ~Dec.03. As one of ARMY fans, we want to share some detail information with ARMY(https://www.facebook.com/groups/1055811128594654) to conveniently stay at Los Angeles.
We open K-Convenience Store at the nearest place at the front of SoFi Stadium's Main Entrance. You can make a great remember with BTS Show. Come and Enjoy, we want to see you! 보라해!   
- Ryan - 
Location : 837 S. Prairie Ave. Inglewood, CA 90301
Easy to find what you want to buy and where!
Korean Food  >>>>>>> Inside of Store
BTS Goods     >>>>>>> Outside of Store
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After Show, Pick Up Service Available inside of Store!
Take a Picture with BTS/TinyTan
 Do not miss! Additional promotions will come soon!!!!!!! (NOV. 24, 2021)